EP of Surreal Serenity

Real Name: Daniel Cutright
Date of Birth: 1980
Location: Destin, Florida – USA

Primary Specialty:
Music Composition, Sequencing, Mixing and Producing.
Ambient, Electronic, Funk, Instrumental, Soundscapes and Soundtracks

Secondary Specialty:
Programming – Logic, Object Oriented, Timeline and Script

Tertiary Specialty:
Voice\Accent Acting – British\English, Country, Drunken, Feminine (Lisssthpy) with a little Scottish, Russian and Australian.

To find a well established Video Game Producer\Designer in need of a multi-talented individual.

Current Status:
Employed as a Maintenance Worker covering a wide range of areas from Electrical to Construction.

Favorite Quote:
If I had a penny for every time I have said ‘I wish’… I wouldn’t need to have made all those wishes to begin with.

Comical, Humorous, Serious, Creative, Inventive, Inspirational, Honest, Sincere, Open-Minded and Passionate.

Contact Information…
Email – For phone contact, send request with your contact number via email.


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